Math Appeal Process

Cooperative Middle School

Formal Appeals Process for Mathematics Placement

To initiate the appeals process students and/or their families need to complete the attached form indicating their wish to appeal the placement decision and the reason for the appeal.

Overview of Process

  • Access the appeals process by clicking here
  • Compete and submit the appeals process form electronically which will be sent to the Mathematics Learning Arena Leader, Mr. Durant and your child’s Assistant Principal.
  • Appeal forms need to be submitted by June 9th.

The Assistant Principal and the Mathematics Learning Area Leader implements the formal appeal process.

  • A self-assessment will be presented to the student after the written appeal has been submitted.  The self-assessment is designed for the student to self-reflect on his or her long term goals related to mathematics, drive to persevere in challenging tasks, and readiness for the requested placement.
  • The Appeals Committee is comprised of a building administrator, mathematics learning area leader, math teacher, and a school counselor. The committee will review the written appeal, the academic history of the student, the student’s self-assessment, and the assessment scores for the NWEA, Orleans Hanna, End of Year Assessment, and the F1 grade.
  • After review of this material the committee will determine whether:
    • The student be afforded the opportunity to reassess on one or more of the placement exams.
      • Reassessments will take place in late August at CMS in the Library.
      • Students will have one opportunity per each exam to meet the criteria.
    • The student remain in the current placement.
  • Students not meeting the criteria after a reassessment or who are denied their appeal will remain in their course placement.
  • Decisions concerning appeals will also be rendered, via letter, during the month of June following discussion of the Appeals Committee.