CMS Staff

Our Administrators

Principal 775-8703 Patricia Wons Email Patty
Asst. Principal (6th Grade) 775-8704 Lauren McGrath Email Lauren
Asst. Principal (7th & 8th Grade)
Teams: 6,7,11, and 12
775-8756 William Perkins Email Bill
Asst. Principal (7th & 8th Grade)
Teams: 5,8,9, and 10
775-8705 Melanie Faulkner Email Melanie
Special Education Coordinator 775-8715 Sonya Roche Email Sonya
Special Education LEA Administrator 775-8791 Catherine Clermont Email Catherine
Curriculum Administrator  775-8604 Cynthia Freyberger Email Cynthia
Student Services Administrator 395-2444 Jaime Sawler Email Jaime

Office Support Staff

Main Office, CMS 775-8707 Cheryl Hodgson Email Cheryl
775-8702 Kerrie Martin Email Kerrie
775-8686 Nancy Demers Email Nancy
Attendance Calls  
775-8706 Robin Arkell Email Robin
Grades 6, 7, & 8
Assistant Principal's Office
775-8805 Denise Watson Email Denise
Athletic Office 775-8730 Stephan Lewis Email Stephan
Special Education Office 775-8715 Brenda Cole Email Brenda
Health Office 775-8709 Linda Raye Email Linda
Guidance Office 775-8701 Jenn Place Email Jenn
Occupational Therapy 775-8732 Laurie McIntosh Email Laurie
Student Assistance 775-8713 Margot Walker Email Margot
Technology Coordinator 775-8714 Ellen Sargent Email Ellen
Physical Therapy 775-8732 Valda Girgensons Email Valda

For all other staff, go to  SAU 16 Staff Contact Database