Google Apps for Exeter High School


In 2010, SAU-16 obtained a K-12 Google domain.  This means that we now have access to the full suite of Google Apps for education.  In the spring of 2011, all SAU16 faculty and staff migrated from our old email system to Google mail (Gmail).  Many folks have moved on from simply using the email function of these apps to sharing and editing a variety of documents collaboratively (Google Drive), using Google Calendars to schedule meetings and appointments, using Google Forms to collect and share data, using Google Sites to create web pages and communicating via text and even video chat.  An additional benefit is that Google Drive provides substantial online storage space for files people can access any time they have an internet connection on any of their devices.


We feel it is time to bring students into this system and provide them the rich opportunities it allows for collaboration between students and staff.  Students will be provided with access to their SAU 16 Google Domain accounts at the start of the second semester of school year 2012-13.  At least, initially, these accounts will be in what is referred to as a “walled garden,” that is, they will only work with other accounts so students will be able to interact with teachers and other students but not outsiders.  This will likely change going forward as we learn more and become more comfortable with all aspects of this system.

A Google Apps account:

  • increases student access to teachers
  • allows student access to Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc.
  • provides online cloud storage for file retrieval anytime, anywhere
  • allows teachers to share files with students
  • extends the classroom-learning environment to the home
  • allows for collaboration among students
  • facilitates groups projects
  • motivates reluctant writers
  • provides students an area for electronic portfolios
  • allows teacher to provide discreet and effective differentiated instruction

We are extremely pleased and proud to be able to offer this service to our students as we prepare them to be citizens of the 21st century global community.