Available Audio/Visual Equipment

Flip cameraFlip Cameras - The LMC has several Flip cameras available to faculty/staff and students for school assignments. Flip cameras may be signed out for a maximum of three days. If a student signs out a digital camera, he or she must be willing to assume full responsibility for its care and make sure it is returned at the agreed upon time. A copy of the sign-out/user agreement form is available. Students are reminded to adhere to the Multimedia Fair Use Guidelines and the EHS Video Production Guidelines.


Document Cameras - iPevos, ELMOs and Ladibugs are document cameras that are similar to overhead projectors. They are used to project and enlarge materials through the video camera mounted at the top of the unit. The presenter can be used to zoom in on materials such as books, slides, and any 3-D objects, it can take snapshots of particular activities (some can record as well) and can be connected with other interactive classrooms tools such as SmartBoards and tablets. Any staff member interested in reserving a document camera should contact the LMC via email (kicovitti@sau16.org) or call the circulation desk at extension 2431.

Tripods - There are a variety of tripods available to use with the Flip cameras- short, tall, mobile and stationary. 

Computers and Printers - The LMC has many computers available to EHS staff and students. A109 is a walk-in computer lab with both Macintosh and Windows based computers. Students are allowed to use these computers before and after school and during their free periods and/or study periods. There are also two laser printers in A109 available- a black and white printer and a color printer (these printers can be printed to from anywhere in the school). Computers are to be used for school-related work only and students are responsible for adhering to the school district's computer and internet use policies.

HP Chromebook

HP Chromebooks- The LMC now has Chromebooks that are available to borrow for one period at a time for school-related work.